Geo Multimedia

Our company was born to offer television news service in the Romagna region. Geo now offers services at national and international level. Our client list includes organisations, public bodies, ministries and small and medium enterprises.

Event planning services

We organise television events, right from designing to hosting. We can provide latest audio, video and light equipments and can meet every need of logistics from conventions to television talk shows.

We are connected to the world (regional, national and international) in real time through our satellite, web, DTT and media.

Television production services

We make television programs, television commercials, radio spots for regional and national audience. Our products are related to agri-food, environment, tourism, animal husbandry and so on.

Professional solutions

To ensure top-notch professionalism, Geo has invested in high end equipment to offer specialised technical services including fully rigged outside broadcast vehicles for up to 6 full-featured television cameras and specialised aerial photography equipment.

Geo Multimedia specialises in the production of radio and television journalism programs. Geo offers wide range of technical consultancy services that includes design and management of lighting and audiovisuals, simultaneous translations, building websites, organising events and managing press offices.
Geo corresponds to innovative and high-quality image makers. We offer customised solutions to our clients and being a leader in high-tech operations, we connect to the clients anywhere around the globe in real time.